Today’s Headlines

  • Cities Are Way Ahead of Countries on Climate Action (Grist)
  • Brookings Looks Beyond the 85% Solo Driving Rate to Discover Big Changes
  • The Guardian Compares the Affordability of the World’s Transit Systems
  • Not Raising the Gas Tax Ends Up Costing Drivers More Than Raising It (
  • Rutgers Prof Explains the Limitations of New Census Data on Bicycling (Bike League)
  • Human Transit Applauds Edmonton Journal for Rich Discussion on Transit Goals
  • San Antonio Poll Showcases Windshield Perspective and Driver Entitlement at Its Worst (WOAI)
  • Four Fascinating Scenarios for U.S. Cities of the (Near) Future (CityLab)
  • Richard Florida Mapped Where the “Creative Class” Pushes Out the Poor in 12 Cities (WaPo)