Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. DOT Announces $3.6B for Transit Resiliency on East Coast (AP)
  • Dem Lawmakers Kick Off Rail~Volution With Plea For More Money (Finance & Commerce)
  • U.S. DOT Sued Over Failure to Produce Truck Driver Training Rule (Go By Truck)
  • Distracted Walking Causing Rise in Ped Fatalities? Nobody Knows But WaPo Says Yes
  • Ann Arbor Transit Expands Hours, Increases Ridership (WEMU)
  • Indiana Toll Road Operator Goes Belly Up (Planetizen)
  • DC Mayoral Frontrunner Calls For Vision Zero… But GGW Commenters Don’t Buy It
  • Virginia Probably Won’t Get to Build Its New Toll Road Along Route 460 (Register Guard)
  • A Bike-Share Model For Cities Where Traditional Bike-Share Doesn’t Work (Next City)
  • City Clock Ranks America’s Most Car-Independent Neighborhoods
  • A City’s Footprint Is Intimately Linked to Its Carbon Footprint (WaPo)

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