Today’s Headlines

  • Anthony Foxx Wants to Create a 30-Year Vision for US Transportation Policy (Politico)
  • Minneapolis Group Sues FTA Over Light Rail (Minneapolis/St. Paul Biz Journal)
  • … As the Green Line in St. Paul Offers Lessons in Racial Equity (Finance & Commerce)
  • Blumenthal Predicts Consensus on Rail Safety Bill (Hartford Courant)
  • How Pittsburgh Merges Cycling Infrastructure With Hills, Valleys, and Rivers (Post-Gazette)
  • Commuter Rail Ridership Down in Southern California (AP)
  • Tax for Transit Plan Continues to Polarize Pinellas County, FL (St. Petersburg Trib)
  • Why the Next Two Years Are Critical for Dallas Transportation (D Mag)
  • In Mexico, Sprawl Has Created Ghost Towns (NYT)
  • Inefficient Rail Service Threatens American Farms (City Lab)

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