Today’s Headlines

  • New Bill in U.S. House and Senate Would Turn North Carolina Roads Into Interstates (Sun Journal)
  • Will MO Transpo Projects Move Forward Despite Defeat of Amendment 7? No. Maybe. (Globe, LNO)
  • Bike Lanes, Bike Share, and Better Transit Coming to Raleigh? (North Raleigh News)
  • Ensuring the CEQA Tail No Longer Wags the Planning Dog (CPDR)
  • San Francisco Cracking Down on Employers Failing to Offer Transit Benefit (Examiner)
  • Denver’s Top City Planner Drives an Hour to Work Every Day From His Farm (Post)
  • Has Dallas Already Nixed the Idea of Replacing I-345 With a Boulevard? (Morning News)
  • Georgia Study: Traffic Up 14 Percent With School Back in Session (AJC)
  • Seattle Bike-Share Coming “Pronto” (King 5)
  • Confusion Over Indy Bike-Share Fees Lead to Huge Overtime Charges (AP)
  • A Next Technological Step Forward Before the Advent of the Driverless Car? (In the Capital)

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