Today’s Headlines

  • A Day After an Oil Tanker Sets River on Fire, Coal Train Derails (WaPoBaltimore Sun)
  • Bike League Gets Behind New Bill on Safety Transparency in Driverless Cars
  • Cincinnati Will Get Its Bike Lane (Business Courier)
  • Already Two Years Behind Schedule, Silver Spring Transit Center Faces More Problems (Sentinel)
  • Houston Continues to Develop Around Scattered Employment Centers (Chron)
  • Another Streetcar Runs Up Against City Council Opposition, This Time in Salt Lake City (Tribune)
  • Connecticut Collects $15 Million to Spur Transit-Oriented Development (Courant)
  • 8 Awe-Inspiring Mass Transit Systems That Changed Their Cities (io9)
  • Smart Growth for Conservatives Responds to the Anti-Density Sunlight Argument