Today’s Headlines

  • Ray LaHood Pessimistic on Transpo Bill Prospects (Fleet Owner)
  • Transit Agencies Won’t Get Blindsided By GOP Attacks This Time Around (Roll Call)
  • Disagreement Over Bikes Brings Missouri Transpo Bill Debate to a Halt (WDG, MoBikeFed)
  • Philly Transit Contract Talks Apparently at an Impasse (CBS Philly)
  • Ohio Becoming Friendlier to Bikes (WKBN)
  • DC Cyclists Get a New Villain (WashCycle)
  • The Fantasy T Map That Cures Boston’s Transit Headaches (Globe)
  • RPUS Argues Against Deregulating Ride-Sharing and App-Based Taxi Services
  • When Walking Was a Spectator Sport (Grist)