Today’s Headlines

  • New York Studies Possibility of Higher-Speed Rail Between NYC and Niagara Falls (AP)
  • Gov. Rick Scott’s Election-Year Gift to Tampa Area: A $131m Elevated Expressway (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Bixi’s Financial Straits Don’t Seem to Be Impacting U.S. Bike-Share (Gas2)
  • No Snowjam During Atlanta’s Second Snowstorm, So Who Needs Rail? (Marietta Daily Journal)
  • Peer-to-Peer Bike-Share Takes Off in Texas (Silicon Hills)
  • Germ-proof Clothing Line Perpetuates Offensive Cliche That Public Transportation Is Gross (PopSop)
  • Strong Towns: Speed Limits Should Match Road Design
  • A Lesson From Jarrett Walker on Making Transit Useful (Salon)
  • Streetsblog Editors Aren’t the Only People Who Meet the Love of Their Life on Transit (Atlantic Cities, UPI)