Talking Headways Podcast: How Does This Podcast Make You Feel?

This week, Jeff Wood and I get indignant about Miami-Dade County’s misuse of transit funds for roads, and we speculate about why — with the current success of pedestrian projects like Times Square — old-style pedestrian malls are still going belly-up. And then we peek behind the curtain at an exciting new frontier for urban planning: connecting urban form with the feelings they inspire.

And then, just for you: a bonus Valentine’s Day outtake at the end. How could you not listen to the whole thing?

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Leave your comments — and your Valentines and pickup lines — below.

  • Whats going on in Miami is outrageous!

  • millerstephen

    You complete (streets) me, Talking Headways podcast.

  • Sooo, do you take this bus often?

  • Have you ever seen the cabin of a Škoda 26 T?

  • Ben Kintisch

    I heart Talking Headways. Will you be my podcast valentine?

  • C Monroe

    I understand the attraction of pedestrian malls, but in the city I lived in Grand Rapids had a pedestrian mall and the store fronts were only 20% occupied(Those were next to crossing streets). So in the mid 90’s the city decided to take out the pedestrian mall but for only 1 lane of traffic, parking on both sides, planted many trees with benches and put in a snow melt system for the road and sidewalks. The cars on this street drive real slow due to the narrow driving lane(on purpose) also they close the street for festivals all the time. now it has over 90% store front occupancy which includes retail.

  • C Monroe

    And you still do not fear of jaywalking(happens constantly) because of the slow moving cars. It is almost like a shared space road.


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