Today’s Headlines

  • Don’t Blame Environmental Reviews for Project Delays, Blame the Shutdown (Switchboard)
  • Shutdown Already Impacting Local Transit Agencies (Times-News)
  • AASHTO Prepares a Five-Minute Cliffs Notes Version of Recent EPW Hearing on Transpo Funding
  • Raleigh Votes 70-30 for Property Tax Hike to Fund Transpo Projects (News & Observer)
  • Georgia Bicycle Registration Bill Proposed, Withdrawn (News Channel 9, Patch)
  • “You’re Going to Have Accidents”: Commish Says NYPD Helpless to Stop Traffic Deaths (Atlantic)
  • With AB 417, California Throws Off Burdensome Bike Regulations (
  • Study: 50 Percent of Freight Deliveries Could Be Made by Bike (Treehugger)
  • A Western Woman’s Experience Riding Bikes in Iraqi Kurdistan (Urban Times)