Today’s Headlines

  • Will High-Speed Rail Ever Get Off the Ground? (Governing)
  • Amtrak’s Shiny New Locomotives Are Emblematic of Improving Financial Health (AP)
  • Hey, There’s a National Transportation Week! And It’s This Week! (JoC)
  • Point: Want Cycling to Be Treated Like a Legit Form of Transportation? Act Like It. (Atlantic Cities)
  • Counterpoint: Cyclists Shouldn’t Have to Be More “Squeaky Clean” Than Everybody Else (WashCycle)
  • Bike League and WalkScore Release Bike-Friendly City Rankings
  • Seven Bike-to-Work-Week Reminders Why Bicycles Are Pure Goodness (Daily Page)
  • Watch a Real-Live Customer Service Agent Pop Out of a Japanese Farecard Machine (Good)
  • CT DOT: How About Ridesharing? (CBS)
  • Compliance Cars, I Mean Electric Vehicles, Are Huge Money-Losers for Manufacturers (USA Today)
  • Urbanism Without Effort: Let It Happen Organically (HuffPo)

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