Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. DOT Nominee Anthony Foxx: A Primer (AllGov)
  • The Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change (National Journal, Grist)
  • Illinois Dem Dan Lipinski Wants to Raise the Federal Gas Tax (CBS)
  • Electric Cars: The Scratch That Became a Festering Wound in the Transpo Funding System (CS Monitor)
  • AP Previews NYC Bike-Share Launch
  • Wichita, Oklahoma City and Kansas City Mayors Want to Close the Gaps in Rail Service (AP)
  • Young People in Tulsa (of All Places) Are Killing It on Transpo Innovation (Newson6, KJRH)
  • Hey, I’m Walking Here! Los Angeles Edition (Good)
  • Minnesota Senate Votes to Raise Gas Tax 5 Cents (AP)