Today’s Headlines

  • What Can We Learn From the D+ ASCE Gave U.S. Infrastructure? (National Journal)
  • These Bike-Dependent Day Laborers Belong in the Cycling Movement (Arlington Mercury)
  • Baltimore Sun Schools Opponents on Why Transit Must Have a Share of Gas Tax Revenues
  • … P.S., Even With This Increase, Maryland Drivers Are Still Getting a Bargain (GGW)
  • Pope Francis: A New Era of “Mass” Transit? (ThisBigCity)
  • UK Won’t Expand London’s Road Pricing Program Nationally (Road Pricing)
  • Florida’s Private Passenger Rail Line Uses Public Financing (Atlantic Cities)
  • Gov. Rick Scott’s Terrible High-Speed Rail Decision Haunts Florida (Sun-Sentinel)
  • St. Paul Mayor Wants Tracks and Trails to Attract Young Talent (MPR)