Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Election Day! Go Vote!
  • Candidates Silent on Transportation Because They Still Refuse to Deal With Revenue (WaPo)
  • Superstorm Shows Why We Can’t Keep Passing Short-Term Infrastructure Bills (National Journal)
  • How You Can Have Gas Rationing, Mile-Long Lines — And Dropping Gas Prices (Businessweek)
  • Workers at the Factory that Builds NJ Transit Cars Are on Strike (Bloomberg)
  • Flooding, Pestilence: Sandy As Preview to the Global Warming Apocalypse (Switchboard)
  • We’re Out of Time: The Dire Climate Consequences to Oil Addiction (The Hill)
  • Interest in Electric Cars Declining, Based on FoxNews Talking Points (Plug-In Cars, Treehugger)
  • We All Need to Keep Our State DOTs This Accountable In the MAP-21 Era (Bike Portland)
  • Funding or No Funding, Baltimore Pushes Forward With Red Line Design (Sun)
  • Why Isn’t Seattle’s Bike Network Keeping Up With Other Cities? (Seattle Times)

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