Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Points Finger at Dems for Failing Transpo Workers (The Hill)
  • Georgia Moves on to Plan B After T-SPLOST Debacle (AJC)
  • The Short-Term Benefit of the California Bullet Train: Jobs (Press-Enterprise)
  • Chicago Area Plays “Three-Dimensional Chess” With Transit Funds (Tribune)
  • New Jersey Dems Tout Amtrak’s Record Numbers (The Hill)
  • DC Metro Unveils Spiffy New Rail Cars (WJLA)
  • Massachusetts Governor Gets Serious About Commuter Rail for South Coast
  • Inquirer: Don’t Cut Back on Amtrak Keystone
  • Tampa Looks Into Bike-Sharing (TBO)
  • “Dorky” New Bike Map Aims for Safer Cycling in Indianapolis (Fox 59)
  • London: Take Bikes Off the Roads, Put Them in the Sky (Evening Standard)

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