Today’s Headlines

  • Amtrak Becomes an Election Issue (HuffPo)
  • John Mica Continues His “Holy Jihad” Against Amtrak Today Despite Record Ridership (Politico)
  • Federal Government Doesn’t Think Urban Policy Is Its Bailiwick Anymore (Next American City)
  • Gentrification Isn’t About Race, It’s About Attitude (Transportation Nation, Urban Times)
  • Chicago’s Pedestrian Plan Is Still Too Car-Centric, Lacks Some Basic Information (Grid Chicago)
  • Revolution = Fitting Square Peg of Cycling Into Round Hole of Auto-Oriented Communities (USA Today)
  • Fine Print on Amtrak HSR Plan Could Turn Philadelphia Upside Down (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Finance Game Keeps Failed Greenfield Development Sites in Play (Reuters)
  • Some State DOTs Look to Smart Growth (Governing)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Just because Amtrak has record ride ridership doesn’t mean we should give their operating procedures and budgetary planning process a pass. Any agency trumpeting a $125 billion expansion plan that’s orders of magnitude more than any other similar plan in the world deserves the scrutiny.

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