Today’s Headlines

  • DC to NY in 94 Minutes? Maglev Lobbyists Say They Can Do It in 60. (WaPo)
  • Do NEC Improvements Have to Be So Expensive? (WaPo)
  • Obama: MAP-21 Means No More Layoffs. (But What About The 1M New Jobs Promised?) (The Hill)
  • CBO and Brookings Take a Look At What An Infrastructure Bank Would Do, If It’s Ever Created
  • If You Care About Smart Growth, Stop Talking About Smart Growth (USA Today)
  • London Tells Olympic-Going Cyclists to Sit in Traffic (ETA)
  • Eco-Nonprofit Idea of Good Infrastructure Isn’t the Same as Industry’s (NRDC)
  • Re-imagining Obsolete Gas Stations (50,000 So Far) (Atlantic Cities, NYT)
  • Cars Kill Us, Make Us Fat Says British Report (TreeHugger)