Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Bill Debate All Boils Down to This Week (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Unwalkable Communities Carry Serious Health Risks (AtlanticCities)
  • How Pennsylvania DOT Wasted $77 Million and Won Two Awards for It (StrongTowns)
  • More Cycling Infrastructure (Still) Key to Safer Streets for All (Metro)
  • Prevailing Attitude Toward California HSR: “Oh, What the Heck.” (NBC San Diego)
  • If Texas (and America) Want European-Style Transpo, Prepare to Pony Up (Statesman)
  • House GOP’s Attack on TIGER Grants Hurts Passenger Rail, Transit (Fiscal Times)
  • NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s New Transpo Bond Bill Skirts His Campaign Promises (

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  1. Someone should probably point out to that guy at the Statesman that while Europeans have – over a long period of time – invested more in public transportation infrastructure than we have, they don’t actually pay much more than we do in operating subsidies.  We get less and we pay more.

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