Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Thinks the Conference Committee Will Pass a Bill With Keystone (Hill)
  • Schuster Ready to Claim His “Birthright,” T&I Gavel (Politico)
  • CBO: Drilling Would Make Americans More Vulnerable to Price Spikes (ThinkProgressWaPo)
  • Could Texas Be the Next Leader in High-Speed Rail? (Star-Telegram)
  • LaHood to California on HSR: Fish or Cut Bait (Sac Bee)
  • Building More Housing Isn’t a Panacea for the Affordability Crisis — But It’s Part of the Solution   (GGW)
  • It’s Not Necessary to Point Out the Washington Times’ Stupidity About Bikeshare But It’s Fun (WashCycle)
  • FRA Grants Some Relief From Over-regulation and Unfunded Mandates (JOC)
  • Virginia Says Let’s Spend Money on Transpo, But Not Transit, And I Don’t Want to Pay For It (WaPo)
  • Rider Sues Chicago Metra Over Transit Pass Expiration Dates (Courthouse News)
  • Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Leon Trotsky, and the Gas Tax (RPUS)

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