Today’s Headlines

  • Hybrids Are a Gateway Car (Treehugger)
  • “This Ain’t Amsterdam”: Mexico City Embraces the Bicycle (WaPo)
  • Gas Prices Could Be Going Down (Hill)
  • Was the Gated Community a Factor in Trayvon Martin’s Murder? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Right and Left Use the Same Empty Soundbite on Energy Policy (Grist)
  • 730,000 Americans Bike to Work, A 50 Percent Increase From 2000 (Governing)
  • Medical Marijuana States Struggle With Intoxication Guidelines For Driving (Stateline)
  • You Think You’re a Transit Nerd? You’ve Met Your Match (Star)
  • There’s Some Really Weird Synergy Between U.S. DOT and Glee These Days (PoliticoExaminer)