Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Passes Transportation Bill: How They Voted (NYT)
  • More Praise for Senate Bill: NRDCAPTA; No Love From CEI
  • A Look at John Boehner’s Options Now That the Bill’s in His Hands (Politico)
  • Bipartisan? Comparing the 2012 Bills to Past Transpo Votes (T4America)
  • Guide to Senate’s Changes to Sidepath Rule and Rec. Trails (BikeLeague)
  • Gas Prices Force More People to Take Rural Transit (NPR)
  • Transcript of Transpo Web Chat With Brookings’ Robert Puentes
  • Is the Cyclist Rights Movement Gaining Momentum? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Volvo’s “Pedestrian Airbag” — a Good Idea or Bad Idea? (TreeHugger)