Today’s Headlines

  • Road to Ruin for America’s Transportation – Why Not Just Give Up Some Roads? (Grist)
  • Financial Times: America Needs Its Own Infrastructure Bank
  • Motorcycle Enthusiasts Happy About USDOT Anti-Distracted Driving Efforts (Clutch&Chrome)
  • Maybe It’s Time for Angelenos to Embrace Public Transit (NBCLA)
  • Driverless Cars Would Likely Lead to Sprawl (Bloomberg)
  • How Do We Retrofit Suburbia? A New Urbanist Approach (Next American City)
  • Heard About the Bicycle Bus? How About the Bike Stroller? (GGW)
  • Muzzi Cycles: Man Who Invented Plastic Slinky Now Making Bikes Out of Garbage (CNN)
  • HollaBack DC Fights Street Harassment on Public Transit (WaPo)