Today’s Headlines

  • House’s 5-year Trans. Bill Won’t Be Unveiled Today After All, Maybe Tuesday (Politico)
  • House Bill Threatens to Eliminate Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding (BikeLeague)
  • Ray LaHood (Politico), Barbara Boxer (Hill) Praise Progress on Senate Bill
  • Editorial: Bike Commuting Is Already Rolling, Even In Houston (Chronicle)
  • Could Bicycle Highway Replace Planned Oregon Transit Line? (BikePortland)
  • Mass Transit Bill in Indiana Defeated Because of Labor Language (IndyStar)
  • Cornell’s Rick Geddes on California HSR: The Right Project in the Wrong Place (NYT)
  • Update on State Gas Tax Initiatives: Iowa, Michigan, Massachusetts
  • A Look at Los Angeles Before Stoplights, Crosswalks (Trans. Issues Daily)