Today’s Headlines

  • Editorials: Infrastructure Funding Bill Failed Because GOP Put Millionaires Before Jobs (NYTFT)
  • Republicans Use Highway Bill to Counter Obama on Infrastructure (Hill)
  • Obama Meets with Transportation Advocates to Discuss Federal Funding for Infrastructure (T4A)
  • Maryland State Senate President Promises to Raise Gas Tax (Baltimore Sun)
  • How Car Commuting Costs – in a Handy Chart (TreeHugger)
  • HSR Costs Soar Due to Project Changes, Not Lack of Study (ThinkProgress)
  • FL Drivers Who Text Could Face Same Punitive Damages as DUI (Naples News)
  • The Unintended Consequences of Residential Parking Permits (Transpo Nation)
  • State Buys Up Tracks in First Real Step Toward Regional Rail in Central Florida (Orlando Sentinel)