Today’s Headlines

  • Obama to Automakers: “You Can’t Just Make Money on SUVs and Trucks” (The Hill)
  • Historic Maine Bridge Unfit for Use Could Be Yours for Just $1, DOT Will Help You Move It! (UnionLeader)
  • WMATA Working With GSA to Locate Federal Offices Near Transit (WaPo)
  • App Lets Drivers Bid On a Parking Space, Maybe Save Time Looking for One (GOOD)
  • The LA Times Empathizes With Hackers Who Hit San Francisco BART System
  • Politifact Says Governor Scott is Wrong About What HSR Would Have Cost Florida
  • A Portrait of “Bicycle Living” on Portland’s Alberta Street (BikePortland)
  • Urban Sprawl Is Paving Over Our Food Supply (EthanolProducerBlog)