Today’s Headlines

  • Republicans Tee Up Epic Battle Over Debt Ceiling and Spending Cuts This Week (WaPo)
  • Big Companies, Like Panasonic, Relocate to Urban Areas (Marketplace, Switchboard)
  • Florida Gov. Scott Rejected Rail Funds, Promised Highway Widening — But is Failing at That Too (TBO)
  • True Costs of NJ Gov. Christie’s Rejection of ARC Tunnel, Starting With $225K/Mo. in Interest (
  • Highway Mega-Projects Can Help Transit. Exhibit A: The Big Dig (TRB)
  • Is Your Commute Ruining Your Marriage? (Slate)
  • Light Rail a “Polarizing” Issue in Atlanta (AJC)
  • Lack of Density is No Excuse For Rejecting High-Speed Rail in the U.S. (Per Square Mile)
  • All About Transportation Energy Consumption in One Handy Infographic (Gas 2.0)