Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Official: Northeast States Free to Compete for High-Speed Rail Funds (Transpo Nation)
  • Bipartisan Support For Infrastructure Bank Grows (NYT, Politico)
  • Sarah Palin: Obama’s Anti-Drilling Mentality the Culprit for Gas Prices (Politico, Facebook)
  • Question: What’s Better Than the Erie Canal? Answer: Trains (The Hill)
  • Transpo Sec. Ray LaHood Fields Questions via YouTube (Fastlane)
  • What’s Amtrak Up to These Days Anyway? (Transport Politic)
  • Megan McArdle: Down With Rail Demonstration Projects (Atlantic)
  • GOP Lawmakers Keep on Disputing the Existence of Climate Change (TPM)
  • Bike- and Bus-Friendly Boulder Tops List for Well-Being (Gallup)