Today’s Headlines

  • Tracking House Debate Over FY11 Budget Cuts: TIGER, HSR On Chopping Block (T4America)
  • Florida Gov. Would Rather Pay for Roads Than a 90% Paid-For High-Speed Rail Line (NBC)
  • LaHood, Florida Lawmakers Look for a Way Around Scott’s Decision (CBS, Transpo Nation)
  • New York and California to Florida: You Eatin’ That? (The Hill, LAT)
  • The Administration’s Six-Year Transportation Proposal, in Detail (Transport Politic)
  • Will Obama’s Transportation Proposal Die Without a Gas Tax Increase? (The Hill)
  • House Transpo Committee Passes FAA Authorization; Next Up: Surface Transpo (T&I)
  • LaHood Lashes Out Against High-Speed Rail Detractors (FastLane)
  • More on the Bus Versus Rail Debate (
  • Greyhound, Amtrak Cuts Result in Declining Rural Access to Intercity Public Transportation (Reuters)
  • LA Gets a Complete-Streets Makeover (Good)

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