55 FHWA Programs You Won’t Have to Kick Around Anymore

We reported yesterday that the president’s six-year transportation plan proposes simplifying federal policy by eliminating 55 highway programs and rolling them all into five umbrella programs: the National Highway Program, Highway Safety Improvement, Livable Communities, Federal Allocation, and Research, Technology, and Education.

Safe Routes to School is one of 55 programs the administration proposes to consolidate into five umbrella programs, including one devoted to livable communities. Photo: ##http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/LocalPrograms/saferoutes/saferoutes.htm##Caltrans##

Here’s the list, from DOT, of the 55 programs they intend to consolidate. There are a few popular programs among livability advocates in here, like Safe Routes to School, bicycle and pedestrian grants, and the TIFIA loan program. If this consolidation plan is enacted, it will be up to advocates to continue to push for important projects once they no longer have a dedicated funding source.

Many transportation reformers have spoken in favor of more competitive, more flexible funding. Here it is, folks.

The programs that will be “consolidated” out of existence:

  1. Interstate Maintenance (IM)
  2. Highway Bridge Program (Bridge)
  3. National Highway System (NHS)
  4. Surface Transportation Program (STP)
  5. Ferry Boat Program
  6. Appalachian Development Highway System
  7. Equity Bonus (EB)
  8. Historic Covered Bridge Preservation
  9. Puerto Rico Highway Program
  10. Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
  11. Hazard Elimination & Rail Highway Crossings
  12. Railway-Highway Crossings (deduction from HSIP)
  13. High Risk Rural Roads Program
  14. Operation Lifesaver
  15. Work Zone Safety Grants
  16. National Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse
  17. Road Safety (Delta and Public Awareness)
  18. Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)
  19. STP, Transportation Enhancements
  20. Recreational Trails
  21. Scenic Byways
  22. America’s Byways Resource Center
  23. Safe Routes to School
  24. Transportation, Community, and System Preservation
  25. Non-Motorized Pilot Program
  26. Bicycle and Pedestrian Grants (Clearinghouse)
  27. Highways for LIFE
  28. Future Strategic Highway Research (deductions: IM, NHS, Bridge, STP, CMAQ, HSIP)
  29. Great Lakes ITS Implementation
  30. Indian reservation Road Bridges
  31. Additional CA for States w/Indian Reservations
  32. Refuge Roads (RR)
  33. Public Lands Highways, Forest Highways (PLH)
  34. Lake Tahoe Region MPO (deductions from IRR, PLH, PRP, RR)
  35. Alaska Highway Takedown (deduction from NHS)
  36. Denali Access System Program
  37. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana
  38. Highway Use Tax Evasion
  39. Grant Program to Prohibit Racial Profiling
  40. National Corridor Infrastructure Program
  41. Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program
  42. Projects of Regional and National Significance
  43. High Priority Projects
  44. Transportation Projects
  45. Interstate Maintenance Discretionary (deduction from IM)
  46. Bridge Set-Aside (deduction from Bridge)
  47. Magnetic Levitation Program
  48. Truck Parking Facilities
  49. Freight Intermodal Distribution Pilot Grants
  50. Delta Region Transportation Development Program
  51. Value Pricing Pilot Program
  52. Pavement Marking Systems Demonstration Projects in Alaska & Tenn.
  53. Road User Fees Field Test – Public Policy Center of Univ. of Iowa
  54. Multimodal Facility Improvements
  55. TIFIA


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