Today’s Headlines

  • “Trains Make All That Possible”: Light Rail Transforms Cities, Guides Development (NPR)
  • Forget Peak Oil. Have We Hit Peak Travel? (Miller-McCune)
  • “Start Now, Figure Out How to Finish Later”: Obama’s High Speed Rail Strategy (Time)
  • Shoupian Parking Principles, Market-Based Pricing Come to Seattle (Seattle Times)
  • Dallas Desires Streetcar Grant Shelved by Fort Worth (Dallas Morning News)
  • Despite Taking Other Bike-Friendly Measures, L.A. Still Doesn’t Like Bikes on Trails (LAT)
  • Bad Transit Governance Makes Virginia Beach Wary of Extending Rail Line (Virginian-Pilot)
  • Op-ed: To Reverse America’s Economic Decline, Look to the Cities (Boston Globe)
  • Streetcar Brings Gentrification Fears to Lego City: A Parable (GGW)
  • Maryland Struggles to Spare Wildlife in Road Building Plans (Baltimore Sun)
  • 2010 in Urbanism: A Look Back from A to Z (Grist)


10 New Rail, BRT Projects Selected for Funding by DOT

From bus rapid transit in Michigan to light rail in Arizona, ten new local transit projects are in line to receive federal capital funding under the President’s 2012 Budget proposal. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today released a list of 10 new projects in nine cities that would receive a total of $569 million in funding […]

Seattle’s New Park-and-Rides Cost a Fortune But Won’t Move Many People

Seattle area voters will vote this November on a $53 billion transit expansion package. But along with new light rail lines stretching across the region, Seattle will also be getting a publicly owned parking empire. In total, the plan calls for $661 million in spending on parking at transit stations. At an astounding $80,000 per stall, that will fund 8,300 parking spots. Zach […]

What If “Commuter Rail” Was for Everyone, Not Just 9-to-5 Commuters?

Rhode Island has been investing in commuter rail — long distance service connecting Providence to Boston and towns in between. But lackluster ridership at a new park-and-ride rail station at the end of the line (by a Walmart!) is sapping support for much more useful investments, reports Sandy Johnston at Itinerant Urbanist. Anti-rail critics are piling on. The libertarian Rhode Island Center […]

What American Commuter Rail Can Learn From Paris

In the U.S., regional rail is mostly good for one type of trip: the commute. But in Paris, regional rail is oriented toward all types of trips, and people ride throughout the day, not just at rush hour. One key to success is running frequent, predictable service all day long.