Today’s Headlines

  • “Trains Make All That Possible”: Light Rail Transforms Cities, Guides Development (NPR)
  • Forget Peak Oil. Have We Hit Peak Travel? (Miller-McCune)
  • “Start Now, Figure Out How to Finish Later”: Obama’s High Speed Rail Strategy (Time)
  • Shoupian Parking Principles, Market-Based Pricing Come to Seattle (Seattle Times)
  • Dallas Desires Streetcar Grant Shelved by Fort Worth (Dallas Morning News)
  • Despite Taking Other Bike-Friendly Measures, L.A. Still Doesn’t Like Bikes on Trails (LAT)
  • Bad Transit Governance Makes Virginia Beach Wary of Extending Rail Line (Virginian-Pilot)
  • Op-ed: To Reverse America’s Economic Decline, Look to the Cities (Boston Globe)
  • Streetcar Brings Gentrification Fears to Lego City: A Parable (GGW)
  • Maryland Struggles to Spare Wildlife in Road Building Plans (Baltimore Sun)
  • 2010 in Urbanism: A Look Back from A to Z (Grist)


The Two-Wheeling Future of Fort Worth

When you think of the best bicycling cities in the US, Fort Worth, TX, probably doesn’t spring to mind. But there are some changes coming. Hundreds of miles of new bike lanes, "road diets" and a proposed streetcar system could fundamentally change the way people think about getting around town there. Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth. […]

Tracking the Streetcar Comeback in American Cities

Streetcars are back in the U.S. in a big way. Inspired by the Portland Streetcar, and helped along by federal programs like New Starts and TIGER, cities across the United States are breaking ground and beginning service on modern streetcar systems. At Beyond DC, Dan Malouff runs down the projects that will begin service this […]

Setbacks and Victories For Urbanism in Yesterday’s Mayoral Races

Mayoral elections broke both ways for livability in American cities yesterday: The results of some may slow progress on transit and street safety, while one-midsized city elected an executive who campaigned strongly on light rail expansion and bikeability. The biggest story was Cincinnati’s mayoral race, where Queen City voters backed Democrat John Cranley by a […]