Today’s Headlines

  • You Want High Speed? The Chinese Got High Speed… (Telegraph)
  • …Can We Do That? (Video: Infrastructurist)
  • Contested House Energy & Commerce Chairmanship Still Up for Grabs (The Hill)
  • …Same With Leadership of the White House Climate Office (Politico)
  • A Smart Growth Movement Founder Wants to Bring Equity Into the Conversation (Switchboard)
  • National Journal Speculates on the Future of Earmarks (And the Projects They Used to Fund)
  • Heat Maps Illustrate Neighborhood Walkability (Planetizen)
  • Why Street Paint and Traffic Signals Don’t Make Complete Streets Safer (New Urban Network)
  • Real-Time Transit Tracking Keeps Getting Better – Check This Out (Unofficial DC Transit Guide)
  • London Mayor Wants to Ban Trucks, Ferry Cargo By Bike – Your City Can Too (Grist)
  • Once Again, a Republican Spends Away Surplus a Democrat Saved – Now on VA Roads (Examiner)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. RE London Mayor. You have to think that the “we can do everything by bike” mantra has to stop somewhere. Reading the article, the data points sound like “6 bottles of soda moved per month by bike” … does the author realize just how much cargo gets moved around the city? Agreed: we can do a lot of things on bike. Like make most daily personal trips. however moving enough freight to run a city is not one of them.

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