Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Nation Does an Exit Interview With James Oberstar
  • Both Parties Agree Gas Taxes Need To Go Up — Just Not Publicly (Autoblog)
  • Draft Climate Agreement Inches Forward in Cancun (Mother Jones)
  • It’s Decision Time in House Energy Committee Chairmanship Race (The Hill)
  • New Auto Mirror Regs Aim to Eliminate Blind Spots  (WSJ)
  • Commuter Rail Arrives in Providence (ProJo)
  • How Much Do Americans Want High-Speed Rail? (Consumer Affairs)
  • Costs Could Slow DOT’s Sign Safety Overhaul (Denver Post)
  • Can a Pro Wrestling Booster Sell Climate Change? (NPR)
  • Smart Growth Transforms This San Diego Neighborhood (SignOnSanDiego)
  • Study: Air Pollution and Diabetes Linked (UPI)
  • Doug

    Quibble: commuter rail has long been going to Providence: it is now also going to the airport. However, if you look at the schedule (and the article), it is designed for 9-5 commuters rather than folks catching a flight, given the frequency and times. It is also quite a long ride at a time of day when you may be able to avoid traffic: one wonders how many people are going to switch over.