Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Lautenberg Launches Probe into ARC Tunnel Demise (Star Ledger)
  • LaHood: Death of ARC Won’t Stand in the Way of Larger Vision (Fast Lane)
  • Meanwhile, Feds Put $2.5 Billion Aside for Rail (Transport Politic)
  • When It Comes to Highway Widening Projects, Christie Sits Back and Watches Costs Soar (MTR)
  • Oil Lobbyists, Polluters Pressure Senators to Block EPA Carbon Regs (Hill)
  • BP Apologist Barton Will Vie For House Energy Chairmanship (Hill)
  • Experts Weigh in on Obama’s Infrastructure Push (National Journal)
  • Schwarzenegger: DC Politicians “Wimps” on Climate (ABC)
  • Walkable Neighborhoods Equal More Fun on Halloween (SFGate)
  • Road Signs Will Lose Their Caps to Boost Safety (Infrastructurist)
  • A Look at Minnesota Gubernatorial Politics (MPR)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Easily said by someone who has a job. In the hierarchy of needs food, shelter and security trump dirty energy politics.

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