Today’s Headlines

  • Christie Likely to Kill ARC Transit Tunnel, Barring Miracle Save By Lautenberg (Transpo Nation 1, 2)
  • LaHood Wants a Six-Year Bill To Start Moving This Year, But Leaves the Timing to Congress (The Hill)
  • Winners and Losers in the USDOT’s $776 Million Maintenance Grants (Transpo Nation)
  • Some California Residents Sue Over Proposed Rail Route (SF Business Times)
  • LaHood Names Names on High Speed Rail Dissenters (AltTransport)
  • Female Crash Test Dummies and Tougher Auto Safety Ratings Announced (VOA, WCSH-TV)
  • Car-Sharing Eases Congestion, Parking Problems on College Campuses (AP)
  • Urban Designer Puts a Positive Spin on Suburbs, Slams the Mall (PBS)
  • ‘Build A Better Burb’ Winner ‘Upcycles’ Long Island Suburbs (Inhabitat)
  • Mineta Report Studies Public-Private Partnerships in Australia (Kansas City Star)
  • Canada Looks to Smart Growth as an Economic Strategy (Vancouver Sun)

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