Today’s Headlines

  • FTA Readies More Aggressive Transit Safety Regulations (WaPo)
  • 21 Transportation Projects That Could Use Federal Funds (Business Insider)
  • Infrastructure Investment Key to Economic Recovery (NYT)
  • Why More Transit Equals More Jobs (T4America)
  • Cost of Treating Obesity Set to Skyrocket (Boston Globe)
  • New York Real Estate Takes a Hit Where Transit Cuts Are Deepest (WSJ)
  • Schwarzenegger to Survey Rail Companies During Asian Trip (Bloomberg)
  • A New Patch of Green Graces Washington’s Riverfront (WaPo)
  • Do Fossil Fuel Disasters Have the Power to Mobilize People Against Oil Dependence? (Grist)
  • New Yorkers Embrace Two-Wheeled Transportation (AOL)

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