Today’s Headlines

  • NOAA Scientist Acknowledges Oil Plume Size Was Initially Underestimated (TPM)
  • Port of Miami Overhaul Will Give Freight a Major Boost (Miami Herald)
  • Arlington Names FHWA Official in Lawsuit to Prevent Highway Widening (WaPo)
  • Two Calif. Cities Want Out of High-Speed Rail Plan (Mercury News)
  • Vote for Cap-and-Trade Costs New Mexico Rep. Harry Teague Millions (Politico)
  • Obesity-Fueled Diabetes Driving Up Hospital Costs (CTMirror)
  • Feds Simulate Attack on Boston Subway (AP)
  • Federal Money Critical for Minneapolis Light Rail Line (MN Public Radio)  
  • Norfolk Southern Completes Key Track Upgrades in Northern Virginia (NV Daily)
  • New High-Tech Parking Meters in LA Will Accept Credit Cards (LATimes)

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