Today’s Headlines

  • White House: Reid’s Energy Bill Could Be Strengthened in Committee (Bloomberg)
  • New Jersey Sprawl Reaches Breaking Point (
  • Do Heavy Trucks Pay Their Share for Highway Maintenance? (Idaho Reporter)
  • LaHood Schedules Distracted Driving Summit for September (Detroit News)
  • Why Gas Tax Hikes Are Long Overdue (USA Today
  • Texas DOT Gives Rail a Chance (Dallas Morning News)
  • Momentum for High-Speed Rail Grows in Connecticut (New Haven Register)
  • Faulty Electronic Circuit Caused Last Summer’s Metro Crash in DC (WaPo)
  • The Timeless Question: Can Cyclists and Motorists Coexist? (Cap Times
  • Planning Professor Breaks Down Economic Impact of Transportation Investment (InTransition
  • Jeremiah

    If you want to understand were a big segment of the population is coming from regarding driving, and the government, read some of the 512 comments regarding raising the gas tax.


  • archie

    Wow, Jerimiah, illuminating indeed. And in some way humbling. Perhaps the conversation should switch to removing oil subsidies. Tax averse, free market zealots have a much harder time staying within their philosophical ideals while also defending government handouts that make fuel artificially inexpensive.

  • archie

    Also, it’s unfortunate that USA Today took the screamingly liberal “tax to influence” approach in their argument. A more politically centric and practical approach would be pointing out things like how the current gas tax barely covers just half of highway spending. A shift to a more pay-for-what-you-use model is why i advocate for higher gas taxes, and it’s actually a very conservative concept.