Today’s Headlines

  • White House: Reid’s Energy Bill Could Be Strengthened in Committee (Bloomberg)
  • New Jersey Sprawl Reaches Breaking Point (
  • Do Heavy Trucks Pay Their Share for Highway Maintenance? (Idaho Reporter)
  • LaHood Schedules Distracted Driving Summit for September (Detroit News)
  • Why Gas Tax Hikes Are Long Overdue (USA Today
  • Texas DOT Gives Rail a Chance (Dallas Morning News)
  • Momentum for High-Speed Rail Grows in Connecticut (New Haven Register)
  • Faulty Electronic Circuit Caused Last Summer’s Metro Crash in DC (WaPo)
  • The Timeless Question: Can Cyclists and Motorists Coexist? (Cap Times
  • Planning Professor Breaks Down Economic Impact of Transportation Investment (InTransition

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Wow, Jerimiah, illuminating indeed. And in some way humbling. Perhaps the conversation should switch to removing oil subsidies. Tax averse, free market zealots have a much harder time staying within their philosophical ideals while also defending government handouts that make fuel artificially inexpensive.

  2. Also, it’s unfortunate that USA Today took the screamingly liberal “tax to influence” approach in their argument. A more politically centric and practical approach would be pointing out things like how the current gas tax barely covers just half of highway spending. A shift to a more pay-for-what-you-use model is why i advocate for higher gas taxes, and it’s actually a very conservative concept.

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