Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood’s non-binding statement of support for biking and walking: still unpopular among conservatives, truckers (AP)
  • Electric car companies pressing for a new round of subsidies from Washington (WSJ)
  • When is the Senate climate bill hitting public view? Not on Earth Day, says Sen. Graham (R-SC), who’s concerned about "mixed messages" (Nat Jrnl via @drgrist)
  • Could renting help solve the foreclosure crisis? (Wash. Indy)
  • How one Carolina became a high-speed rail winner, while another lagged behind (G-ville News)
  • Kansas City voters approve sales tax increase to pay for new infrastructure investment (KC Biz Jrnl)
  • Transit tunnel connecting New York City and New Jersey gets $385 million from U.S. DOT (Mid Hudson News)