Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood vows that high-speed rail work will help Michigan — which played locally with the headline "Michigan will qualify" for federal HSR aid (Det. News)
  • U.S. Chamber chief, on Congress’ transportation inaction: "I’m not sure they’ve punted, but they’ve done a lot of things that haven’t helped" (Log. Mgmt)
  • Would a federal energy-only bill, as opposed to cap-and-trade climate regulation, do any good? (WSJ Blogs)
  • Atlanta state lawmakers abandon push to raise sales tax to pay for transport (AJC Blogs)
  • Forget about congressional inaction on the gas tax … in Alaska, Sarah Palin’s successor wants to suspend fuel fees entirely (


Michigan Makes Roads Safe for Fuzzy Dice, Not Bikes

From Michigan’s, a story of misplaced priorities. Apparently the Michigan State Senate unanimously voted this week to strike down a law that prohibited drivers from hanging possibly distracting objects from their rear-view mirrors. The measure is popularly know as "the fuzzy dice bill." As points out, the same lawmakers can’t seem to find […]

Walkable Development Is on the Rise in Michigan

As the cradle of the car industry, Michigan built out its cities and suburbs exclusively for the automobile after WWII with a fervor that few other states could match. Today the pendulum of public preference is swinging back toward walkability, but much of Michigan’s housing stock is stuck in the old model. Just 8 percent of homes in […]