Today’s Headlines

  • Florida may not be on any official list of high-speed rail finalists, but its congressional delegation is still wooing the White House (
  • Webster’s dictionary names "distracted driving" 2009’s word of the year, to LaHood’s delight (The Swamp, DOT Blog)
  • Small transit systems, such as the bus network in Greeley, CO, hoping to avoid getting swept into bigger metro areas and denied federal operating aid (Tribune)
  • Sen. Graham (R-SC) defends his decision to work with Democrats on emissions limits (The State)
  • New York’s transit authority is leading the way in a "record year" for municipal bond offerings to pay for infrastructure (Bloomberg)
  • RFK Jr. and coal industry CEO to debate energy policy next week in front of a sellout West Virginia crowd (AP)
  • Minority transit riders in Chicago file a discrimination lawsuit against the city (Tribune)