Today’s Headlines

  • Bills to limit distracted driving poised for momentum in 2010 (NYT)
  • A preview of what the year holds for transportation news (Daily Herald)
  • An editorial on the toll that transit cuts take in Baton Rouge (Advocate)
  • Minnesota’s Central Corridor transit extension at the top of state’s agenda this year (Star Trib)
  • Detroit is closer than ever to achieving its local dream of light rail (Citizen)
  • Pennsylvania awaiting a verdict on I-80 tolling and other big transport decisions (Trib-Review)


Household Deficit Reduction: Transit Saves People Almost $10K a Year

With gas prices at their highest level since October 2008, the American Public Transportation Association’s monthly Transit Savings Report estimates that transit riders save, on average, $9,656 a year. Of course, not everyone has equal access to these massive savings. According to APTA’s numbers, which are based on gas prices ($3.08 per gallon last week) and […]

American Transit Ridership Hits 57-Year High

The last year transit ridership was this high in the United States, Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act. Not since 1956, according to the American Public Transportation Association, have Americans logged as many transit trips as they did in 2013: 10.7 billion. It was the eighth year in a row that Americans have made […]