Today’s Headlines

  • Purple toll lanes, overhead lane-use control signs, and more crosswalk time for pedestrians are all coming soon to a road near you, as the U.S. DOT makes its first update in six years to the nation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (UPI)
  • Did one affordable-housing nonprofit in New York City really get $156 million in federal stimulus money? Not so much (NYT Blogs)
  • Building America’s Future, headed by Rendell, Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg, praises House jobs bill but calls for six-year "reformed" transportation bill and a National Infrastructure Bank (BAF Press)
  • New research shows that the benefits of smart growth go beyond saved fuel emissions (NRDC Blog)
  • Do wind turbines have a negative effect on community health? Nope, says a new study (NYT Blogs)
  • Improving transit’s environmental efficiency: It’s a necessary, if politically inconvenient, pursuit (The Transport Politic)
  • Hybrid buses come to Savannah, and new streetcars on their way to D.C. (Savannah Now, WaPo)
  • Washington state DOT is squeezing in 24 new road stimulus projects thanks to low construction bids (Seattle P-I)


How the House and Senate Transportation Bills Changed Overnight

The sun rose this morning on a landscape considerably different from the one described by not one but two articles Streetsblog published yesterday. Senate Bill Gets Bigger, Better, But Harder to Move Senator Harry Reid took a lot of business into his own hands yesterday, unveiling his updated version of the Senate’s “two year” bill (it’s […]

House Attack on Safe Streets Makes Transpo Bill Ever More Elusive

We reported last week that the House had proposed allowing states to “opt out” of funding bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements in its counter-offer to the Senate during transportation bill negotiations. The House GOP essentially wants to reject the Cardin-Cochran amendment, which gave local governments control over half the “Additional Activities” funding set aside for […]

A Two-Year Transportation Bill? Some Say It’s a Better Deal

Last week, we reported that Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) had mused aloud at a committee hearing that perhaps a two-year transportation reauthorization was a better option in the current political and economic environment than a six-year bill. “We don’t have a lot of money here,” he said. And at the current rate, under a six-year […]