Today’s Headlines

  • Federal transit regulators are investigating possible safety flaws in the foundations that are to hold up a major new rail extension in the D.C. area (WashPost)
  • Republicans still seeking consensus for plan to direct unspent stimulus money to transportation (WSJ)
  • Sen. Feinstein supports using unspent financial bailout money to seed a National Infrastructure Bank (CQ Transcripts – see middle of page)
  • Technology that disables cell phones in moving cars — as opposed to promotion of hands-free devices — is gaining traction as a strategy to combat distracted driving (NYT)
  • A plea from Pennsylvania to the feds: Approve tolls on I-80 and help the state avoid a funding crisis (Inquirer)
  • Maryland signs with a private company to manage Baltimore’s port (WashPost)

(ed. note. Streetsblog Capitol Hill will be on a light publishing schedule today, but resume regular updates tomorrow.)


Wall Street Bailout Money For Infrastructure? Maybe Not

President Obama will deliver a speech on job creation this morning in Washington, but one tactic that has won over quite a few Democrats of late — redirecting unspent money from last year’s financial bailout to transportation — may not be as possible as lawmakers had thought. White House economic adviser Larry Summers promised earlier […]