Livable Streets Win: Concealed Weapons Amendment Falls in the Senate

Debate over the incendiary urban policy issue of gun possession came to a head today in the Senate, as a proposal to let individuals carry concealed firearms into states with strong weapons limits — such as New York and Illinois — was defeated by a narrow margin.

The gun amendment, proposed by GOP Sen. John Thune (SD) would have let residents of states that permit concealed weapons to carry those guns across state lines, effectively neutralizing stronger laws passed by states that use firearm restrictions to combat urban crime.

The Thune amendment fell short by two votes, losing 58-39 as New York Sen. Charles Schumer (D) and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin (D) led a successful filibuster. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also led a group of urban mayors in lobbying against the proposal.

Late Update: Politico gets New York reaction to Thune’s claim that concealed weapons would make Central Park safer, including a cutting quip from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: "I can’t believe someone this ignorant gets elected to the United States Senate."

  • Lee

    Arguably, a well armed society is a polite society. And I actually think that the classic argument against gun control – that it only makes us less safe because criminals already breaking the law are pretty likely to obtain guns illicitly and use them against unarmed innocents – holds some validity. Having just visited friends in Newport News, VA, I got to read a horrifying expose in the local paper about how easy it was for teenagers to obtain guns and about how often they used them. The implication was that attempts to control access were accomplishing nothing. Whether or not stricter laws would correct that is debatable.

    Of course, the traditional arguments of the anti-gun control crowd say nothing of the crimes of passion an ample supply of easily obtained arms enables. Are of the horrible things that the mentally ill or disturbed can choose to do with them, so….whatever.

    But regardless, this bill should have been written so that concealed permits between states with similar/compatible concealed carry application/screening processes would carry over, instead of between all states – the differences are obviously drastic. I say this simply because as it was written it sounds like a rather foolish bill. The fact that it came within just a few votes of passing, despite being so poorly thought out and despite disregarding state rights is terrifying


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