Senator Jim DeMint Wants to Eliminate Bike Stim Funds: Take Action!

Senator Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican who said that directing stim funds toward bicycle and hiking infrastructure
will not help the economy or create jobs, has gone too far. He and
Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma have just proposed an
amendment that would kill all stimulus funds for bike and hiking

In a statement, Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer said it shows how short-sighted and out of touch Republicans are:

Investment in bike paths will not only improve our
economy, and take our country in the right direction for our future; it
is precisely the kind of investment the American people want. American
families have indicated time and again in the passage of bond measures
across the country that they favor spending on alternative
transportation, such as bicycles and mass transit, over spending on
more highway capacity.  Americans want a real solution to the economic
crisis, not just a band-aid fix.  These investments will stimulate the
economy in the present and point our nation toward the economic and
environmental realities of the future.

Call or write DeMint and Coburn and tell them what investing in bicycle infrastructure really means:

Coburn’s Washington office: 202-224-5754 or email.

DeMint’s Washington office: 202-224-6121 or email.

And then call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and tell them to kill the amendment:

Schumer’s Washington office: 202-224-6542 or email.

Gillibrand’s Washington office: 202-224-4451 (no official email yet).

  • Larry Littlefield

    Is this about what or about where?

    Borrowed money for the welfare states.

  • Some of the restrictions people have proposed are good. I don’t want stimulus dollars going to casinos, stadiums, or golf courses.

    But thinks like bike trails are core infrastructure for cities in the 21st century. What’s more, they are easy to do as design/build so can be shovel-ready quickly, and have only minor environmental impacts to contend with.

    There’s lots to cut out of the stimulus package, but biking isn’t one of them.

  • Phil Rose

    I love to bike and wish more poeple did too but while bike and hiking paths may be desirable projects they will not stimulate the economy. Lets focus this bill on true stimulus and then when we can afford it go for a spending package for all the “good ideas”.

  • while bike and hiking paths may be desirable projects they will not stimulate the economy.

    Oh ah?

  • CBrinkman

    I agree with Cap’n Transit – we rode the Murry to the Mountains rail trail about 1.5 years ago and the cyclists definately are good for the towns along that trail and the towns know it. Everywhere we stayed had cyclist friendly accomadations, with rooms to lock up your bike, washing machines to keep your clothing from getting too stinky – and food food food. Same with the rail trail we rode in NZ, the Otago Central – on that rail trail, the trail went in very shortly after the rail went out – the towns were shifting to a cycle tourist based economy – it was fascinating to see.

  • As much as I love the ideas of extra paths, DeMint is right, there is no reason to fund these projects in a stimulus package. This is not something I want the federal government to be involved in, because 99% of these paths and trails would not involve trails between two or more states. State governments need to step up, and get rid of the stupid laws on the books that negatively affect cyclists. It is a civil infraction in my state, and probably your state, to stand up on a bike, drink from a water bottle while riding, and brake or slow down without signaling. Wipe these out and adopt bills like the one currently going through Montana which includes common sense law that any biker would say ‘duh, why isn’t this the law already?’. More bike paths may become unnecessary.

  • Larry S Torch

    Eve Alone published the following: “That weekend, XLFD (Tom Rotta) organized three other people, including me, to send out our own FOIA request just containing one request, so that we would get the information without the prohibitive, unlawful costs.”

  • King Fisher

    What exactly was the reasoning behind the multiple FOIA requests?


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