Tune in to Brian Lehrer at 10:40am, WNYC, 93.9 FM

Open Planning Project Executive Director Mark Gorton and Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan will be talking about this evening’s Upper West Side Streets Renaissance workshop with Jan Gehl on the Brian Lehrer Show, 93.9 FM, at 10:40am.

  • v

    “the upper west side is one of the dirtiest parts of the city”

    as alec baldwin, erm, a little high?

  • Hilary

    As was the parting question by Brian Lehrer: how do we undo all the infrastructure of Robert Moses?
    I guess we could begin by tearing up all the parks and paving them as public squares?

  • Jonathan

    Thank you, Commissioner Sadik-Khan and Renaissance Man Gorton, for taking time to speak to city listeners about this issue. I have been reading about the Commissioner’s works here on Streetsblog and in the newspapers, and it was very exciting to hear her affirm that one of the city’s goals was to reduce car use by 6.3%. The Commissioner of DOT said that out loud, mind you. How times have changed.

  • Re: “dirty,” bing. Tho, that’s nothing compared to choking a pedestrian for slapping your car as you drive through a crosswalk. He’s a poster boy for unlivable streets.

  • mork

    The recording of this program is now available at the Brian Lehrer show link, above.

    (Let’s try this while we’re at it)


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