PlaNYC 2030 Project “Tearing Things Up” at City Hall

doctoroff.jpgA tipster tells us of a particularly vigorous screaming match in City Hall last week between Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff and a career civil servant who must remain nameless.

"You wouldn’t know it from outside appearances," the tipster says, "but the 2030 Project is really tearing things up inside City Hall right now. It’s a big deal and it’s making a lot of people inside the bureaucracy very uncomfortable."

  • David

    Go, Dan! Tear it up.

  • anon

    PLANYC 2030 SHOULD create shouting/debate because it at least claims to gather public input and when people are passionate about their city, and the way policy makers are developing it, they are bound to get crazy and loud, which is fine.

  • none

    The Deputy Mayor is speaking on Thursday at the annual meeting of the NY Metropolitan Transp. Council, along with MTA director Elliot Sander and the new state DOT commissioner. May be a chance to evaluate whether anything meaningful from most streetsbloggers’ perspectives is likely to come from this effort.

  • I wonder what the fight was about. That’s quite an intriguing story.

  • mfs

    at the PlaNYC event put on by the Pratt Center, Brennan Center, and Jobs with Justice yesterday, Rohit mentioned some policies that they “have heard from the public”

    The most notable for you transport heads was a dedicated funding stream for mass transit improvements and a congestion pricing program “like that which London has”.

  • sgc

    Mark Page?


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