Today’s Headlines

  • More Developers Are Building Without Parking (WSJ)
  • 50,000 People Ride Cincinnati Streetcar on Opening Weekend (Business Journal)
  • Edward Hume: How Transportation Overkill Is Killing Us (NYT)
  • Google’s “Cozy” Relationship With Self-Driving Car Regulators (The Atlantic)
  • Federal Grant Will Bring Health Clinics to St. Louis Metro Stations (STL Today)
  • …One of 19 Health-Transportation Projects Funded With $7 Million From Feds (MassTransitMag)
  • Washington Times Blames Better Gas Milage for Rising Traffic Deaths
  • City-Dwellers’ Incomes Finally Get a Boost (NextCity)
  • Study: 40 Percent of Riders on L.A.’s New Expo Line Switched From Driving (KPCC)
  • First M-1 Streetcar Arrives in Detroit (Crain’s)


Today’s Headlines

A must-read from Harold Meyerson: How the power of states’ rights, on infrastructure and other issues, threatens economic recovery (Prospect) More coverage of the transport news from yesterday’s White House jobs summit (Reuters, Bloomberg, Free Press) NYC health department releases new numbers that prove the connection between transportation reform and health reform (Streetsblog NY) High-speed […]

Making Room for Modes Other Than Cars

When we talk about competing modes of transportation we’re usually focused on the strained relationship between drivers and cyclists, or drivers and transit, or drivers and pedestrians. With so much street space taken up by cars, tensions also erupt, of course, between cyclists and pedestrians, and even cyclists and transit. We’ve written before about the […]

Livable Streets Are Good for Health in the Heartland, Too

The roadscape in Nebraska, built for one thing only. Photo by jWiltshire via Flickr. The health benefits of livable streets don’t always get enough attention. Today on the Streetsblog Network, we’ve got a story from Missouri Bicycle News about a new study from the St. Louis University School of Public Health documenting how the health […]

Network Roundup: Building Trains Is Hard, Building Parking Is Easy

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening around the Streetsblog Network today: headaches and heartbreaks on the way to passenger rail, smooth sailing for parking developments: Wisconsin Paying a High Price for Passenger Rail Refusal: James Rowen at Network blog The Political Environment points out that Amtrak’s Hiawatha Line is breaking ridership records, despite Wisconsin Governor […]