Today’s Headlines

  • Portland Launches Its Bike-Share System – 2,300 Trips in First 24 Hours (BikePortland)
  • Federal Guidelines for Autonomous Cars Expected This Summer (Yahoo)
  • A Suburban Atlanta County That Has Long Shunned Transit Is Preparing to Expand Service (AJC)
  • Politico: GOP Platform “Full of Largely Failed Policy Ideas” “Likely to Go Nowhere”
  • APTA Opposes GOP’s Call to End Federal Transit Funding (Progressive Railroading)
  • Homeowners vs. Renters: In Philadelphia, Residents “Self Gerrymandering” (Philly Mag)
  • NYT: L.A., “Capital of Car Culture” “Warming to Mass Transit”
  • Minneapolis BRT Plan in Turmoil After Suburban County Backs Out (Star Tribune)
  • Tesla Wants to Get Into Making Transit Vehicles (Forbes)


The Fight for Better Access to Jobs in Detroit and Milwaukee, Using Buses

Low-income residents of Detroit and Milwaukee face formidable obstacles to job access. These two Rust Belt regions are consistently ranked among the most segregated in the country, and neither has a good transit system. In both regions, the places that have been growing and adding jobs fastest have been been overwhelmingly sprawling, suburban areas inaccessible to people without cars. A 2013 Brookings study […]

Milwaukee’s Job Sprawl Mess: a Cautionary Tale

Remember how suburban office parks used to be all the rage? Their strongest selling point was that you didn’t have to pay to park at them. And if you lived in the suburbs anyway, you could avoid the hassle of going into the city, basically, ever. What could go wrong? Well, Bruce Murphy at Urban […]