Today’s Headlines

  • Detroit Has a $4.6 Billion Transit Decision to Make (NextCity)
  • Minneapolis Rolls Out Rapid Buses After Five Years of Planning (WCCO)
  • Gainesville’s Bike-Share Not Performing as Well as Expected (WCJB)
  • North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Asks Legislature to Open Up Funding for Light Rail (News Observer)
  • In Light of Safety Issues, Should D.C. Have Built the Silver Line? Two Opinions (WaPo, Washingtonian)
  • Are More People Biking to Work in D.C. Because of Metro’s Problems? (WJLA)
  • Sprawl Still Dominant in Kansas City (KC Star)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Five Cyclists, Media Lectures Cyclists About Safety (WZZM13)


Blaming Cyclists for Dangerous Roads: It Goes Way Back

On yesterday, there was a terrible story out of Canada about a crash involving a reckless motorist and law-abiding cyclists. What was the response to the shocking case of careless driving, which left five bikers gravely injured? The local police initiated a ticket blitz aimed at…cyclists breaking the law (one of the offenses often […]

Today’s Headlines

D.C. Metro Ridership Down 9 Percent From Last Year, and the Pain Is Not Over (WTOP) Shreveport, Louisiana, Urban Highway Would Displace Poor Residents (Strong Towns) Same Man Kills Two Pedestrians in Waco, Texas, in 17 Months; Police Blame Pedestrians (KVIA) North Carolina Gov Asks Trump to Fund Rail Connections (Next City) Charlotte Transit Chief Wants $6 Billion Light […]

AAA Revives Offensive Against Safer D.C. Streets

AAA has been known, at times, to take positions in direct opposition to cyclists’ safety. Then when cyclists call AAA out on it, AAA starts backpedalingfast, assuring us all how much they love people who bike. But the organization is sticking with its ongoing battle against  safer streets for cycling in Washington, D.C. As David Alpert […]