Today’s Headlines

  • Pedestrian Deaths Up 10 Percent Last Year (Christian Science Monitor) “Fastest Jump… Ever” (Newser)
  • Ped Deaths Up 60 Percent in Utah (KUTV), 124 percent in Ohio (NewsNet5)
  • 2015 Was “Deadliest Year Ever” for Pedestrians in Orange County, California (OC Register)
  • Media Blames “Distracted Pedestrians” (WIVB)
  • State Lawmakers Trying to Save Late Night Transit Service in Boston (Globe)
  • Making Cleveland More Urban Through New Zoning Will Require “Culture Shift” (
  • Charleston City Council Places Moratorium on Walkable “Gathering Place” Zoning (Post and Courier)
  • Researchers Settle on 7.7-Mile Light Rail Plan for Ann Arbor (Rail Journal)

    Fascinating the “Governors Highway Safety Association” finds that it’s the fault of people walking, not people driving. This feels like AASHTO still saying crosswalks are unsafe because they lead to people crossing the street.

    Aren’t there a ton of studies that have concluded people driving while on the phone or distracted with all the new car gizmos is equivalent or worse than driving drunk? And aren’t car crashes on the rise as well?

  • AnoNYC

    Norway now wants to turn oil profits into bicycle highways


Today’s Headlines

Ed Glaeser on Why So Much Infrastructure Spending Is Wasted (Vox) Adie Tomer: It Will Take More Than Light Rail to Fix U.S. Transit (NextCity) Anthony Foxx Says He Expects Automakers to Voluntarily Comply with New Safety Guidelines (Reuters) Planners Will Try to Fix a Sprawling Section of Suburban Maryland (NYT) Mexico Bets on Gondolas (Japan Times) […]

What’s Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is out with traffic fatality data for 2011, and the news is not good for cyclists, pedestrians or, for that matter, anyone who uses U.S. roadways. While motor vehicle deaths declined to a still mind-numbing 32,000, cycling deaths were up 8.7 percent, and 3 percent more pedestrians were killed. […]

How Pedestrian! The Walking Movement Flexes Its Muscle

People tend to identify most strongly with things that set them apart. If everyone’s doing something, it hardly seems worth calling attention to the fact that you do it too. Which may be part of the reason it’s been hard for pedestrian advocacy organizations to build a strong identity around walking. Urban cyclists are constantly […]

Pedestrian Deaths Make Up a Rising Share of U.S. Traffic Fatalities

Pedestrian deaths rose 10 percent in the first half of 2015 compared to the same period the year before, according to preliminary data released by the Governors Highway Safety Association. If that increase held up over all 12 months of 2015, it would be among the worst single-year changes since the GHSA started collecting data in 1975. In a typical year, […]

It’s Official: 33,561 People Killed in Traffic on American Streets Last Year

The official 2012 death toll is out for our nation’s poorly-designed, auto-centric transportation system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic injuries on the nation’s roadways claimed the lives of 33,561 people. The headline of the agency’s press release, “NHTSA Data Confirms Traffic Fatalities Increased In 2012,” is quickly walked back by the subhed, […]